Change in Interest rate for Niyox?

Recieved an SMS from Equitas bank , is this communicated to Niyox customers before ?
Will this be effecting the Niyox Customers also ?

Dear Customer, Interest on Savings Account stands revised with effect from 15/10/22 - Balances upto Rs.1 Lac: 3.5% p.a., > Rs.1 Lac upto Rs.5 Lacs: 5.5% p.a., > Rs.5 Lacs upto Rs.5 Crs: 7% p.a., > Rs.5 Crs upto Rs.10 Crs: 5.5% p.a., > Rs.10 Crs: 5.0% p.a. (Refer - Equitas SFB

Hey @akhilsnaik! The interest on Savings Account has been revised by Equitas Small Finance Bank effective from the 15th of Oct 2022. And yes, this is applicable to NiyoX customers. SMS has been sent by the bank to all its users for the same on the 14th of Oct, Friday.


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