Cashback offers on NiyoIDFC first

Apart from 10% cashback upto ₹250 on debit card transactions, are there any other cashback offers too such as on first transfer through upi etc?

Hey Srivastava! Please find the other offers associated with the card. We will also keep you posted about the new promotions/offers through the app or emails. Stay tuned! LK


Bookmy show need any code for cashback

No code is needed. LK

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What are the terms and condition for 10% cashback on first debit card transaction offer [upto 250 Rs.]

If I pay my credit card bill throug my debit card on PayTM, will I get the 250 cashback.

or if I simply add to my wallet will I get Rs. 250.
My credit cards give me cashback when I add money to PayTM wallet.

Please let me know.

Hey Sameer! The cashback is applicable only if you are making the first purchase with the card for ₹1000/- or more. Adding money to wallet wouldn’t qualify. LK

OK. So, if I use the card for filling my petrol tank, would it be counted?

Yes, that should qualify. LK

Hi @lucky ,
Ideally the wallet loading should also have qualified since it is a “transaction” on debit card.
Kindly specify the type of transactions that are excluded from the cashback offer.

@lucky I’m buying something using this card in amazon which is of 3k rs. So will I get 250 cashback for it? If yes how many days it takes.

Right now my card isn’t delivered. Using virtual card for this , does virtual card also qualifies this offer?

It should qualify easily
I bought something that costs 850 INR, so, I’ll be getting 85 INR as cashback.

@lucky Can you refer to me the page where we can see all the offers on our NiYo IDFC Card?

Is cashback instant?

It’s posted on 15th of every month [read it somewhere].

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Hi @sameerchoubey,

You must spend a minimum of ₹1,000 in order to get 10% cashback.

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No, you’ll see the cashback in your account by the 15th of next month.

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Hey Vamshi! Yes, please rest assured, the transaction qualifies. The eligible cashback amount will be directly credited to the customer’s primary account linked to the Debit Card by 15th of next month (i.e if the transaction was made in January, eligible cashback shall be credited on 15th February). In case, 15th of the month is a holiday, the same shall be credited by next working day. LK

Hi @lucky,

I have purchased MF with Niyo IDFC debit card. Does this transaction vaild for 10% upto ₹250 cashback?

Awaiting for your swift reply.

@lucky Kindly specify the type of transactions that are excluded from the cashback offer.

it seems that apparently niyo itself is unclear of the T&c of the offer.

Hi @lucky @ssrivastava,

Even I’m waiting for a reply from Niyo @lucky since Thursday!