Cashback not credited on 15th October

I have not received first time 10% cashback despite making a purchase of 2500 on 3rd September 2020, it was supposed to be deposited on the 15th of October as per TnC. Many of my other friends have received it apart from me , can you check on this please ?


I have received it on 15th evening.

Thats great to hear @Alan_Abraham How was the transaction done? Via QR code or swiping the card ?


My transaction was card payment in E-commerce.

Hey Tousif! As checked, we see that the transaction you are referring to was a UPI payment. The eligible transactions were either ECOM or POS. Hence you have not received the cashback. LK

my first transaction was too , UPI ! (I have not done Any Transactions after that)
so am I ineligible for the cashback ?

Yes, as we checked, you have transferred back the 10k using UPI, however, we are sorry to inform you that it doesn’t qualify as an eligible transaction. LK

Can I earn 10% Cashback on my next Online Transaction ? (Since UPI wasn’t eligible)

Yes, you can. The offer is applicable on the very first transaction done on the card. The eligible cashback amount will be directly credited to your primary account linked to the Debit Card by 15th of next month. LK

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Thanks a lot for the clarification !

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