Card unaccepted at Currys, UK

Online transactions at Currys, UK website were not accepted from my Niyo card. Any reason why?

Hi @Rajesh

From October 1st 2020, we have to keep extra fund in account in order to perform foreign transactions.

Which is, Transaction Amount + 5% of original transaction amount for deducting as TCS. If that extra 5% is not available, transaction will be failed.

There was sufficient balance in the card to take care of 5%. In fact amount got deducted from my card but the merchant didn’t process it further. Is it that certain merchants don’t accept single currency card such as Niyo? Anyone having similar experience?

I have had such issues for example in Shopee website Philippines, they do not process at all if I enter Niyo card. Although in my case the amount is also not deducted.

I could not register my card in digital wallet in malaysia using Niyo card…it says invalid card…why?