Card Stopped Working; everything is enabled may2022

Since yesterday afternoon, this card stopped working; totally. No pos, atms, nothing.

There are no locks atm.

I contacted support, they said everyone is facing this issue and it will be done on 3-4hrs.

It has been more than 12 hours now, support has stopped giving replies and only says there is some unknown error and team is “trying” to fix it.

Anybody facing do you have any way out of this problem, I was totally relying on this card and now stuck is different country.

Hey @Apoorva! Welcome to Niyo Community!

Inconvenience regretted! We are having this checked with our team. Kindly request you allow us some more time and we’ll try to help you.


24hours of my travel is already ruined. All I know is to never trust one card, HDFC saved me.

Hey @Apoorva! Regret the inconvenience! :confused:

The issue stands resolved and we believe that you were able to make transactions. For any further help, reach out to us. Once again we apologise for this hassle.