CarD processing bug!

Hey I have done my video kyc and got my account fully activated on 20th of feb.
The same day i placed the request for my debit card.
And it was said that i would recieve it before 11 march.
I confirmed the same twice on 23 and 24 feb with your customer agent they said the same thing.

Yesterday I recieved a messge stating that my request has been closed which i did not do it.
And also the card reciving date changed on portal to 24 march.

Apart from this I didnt not order any other forex card from any bank trusting I would get my niyo caed before 11th as i have to travel on 15th.

Please help this is really bad.
Is the safety of my account compromised?
Why is the date of debit card moved such by huge margin?
What should I do now in this situation?
Please help me get this card before 11th.

Hey @ankurgiri! Regret the inconvenience. It looks like the delay is due to some unforeseen circumstances, the card delivery timeline has been extended and we sincerely apologize for this instance. However, on your behalf, we’ll be contacting the bank and try to expedite the card delivery.


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Your card is request is closed because they already issued the card to you and same it will be dispatch in some details. You will receive tracking details after your card dispatched.

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Thank you yes I received the message for tracking it. Thank you for processing my request on an urgent basis. Much appreciated.
I just hope that you bring some way to board me on NIYOSBM as well without the ckyc thing.

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Thankyou yes i recieved the message for tracking it. Today morning

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