Card order status

Hi I am Ganesh. I have deposited 5k in my Into Global SBM account and I ordered my Niyo global card. After ordering the card, I have withdrawn all the 5k from my account.
I would like to know the order status of my niyo global sbm card. Whether I have successfully ordered the Niyo Global SBM card. Is it arriving ? When will it be arriving?

Kindly let me know the above info as soon as possible.

Ganesh Kumar

Hello @mpsree,

It takes 2-3 days to dispatch your card once you order it but you’re free to withdraw your INR 5000 once you’ve ordered your card. After 2-3 days, you would be able to track your card on using your mobile number. Normally it takes 5-15 days to deliver your card.



How to know if I have successfully ordered my card or not?

when you go to card settings in your app are you able to see card details from there? if yes, then you’ve ordered your card and your card details would be the same as your physical card

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