Card not working on Canada

I came to Canada yesterday and had most of my money on the card, and now I’m unable to withdraw any cash, my cash is stuck in acc I can’t do a ATM withdrawal nor can I buy things online,

Hey @Sha! Welcome to Niyo Community!

Regret the inconvenience! :confused: Currently, we are facing an issue due to which a few of our users were unable to make transactions. The issue has been highlighted and our team is working on it. Unfortunately, it’s taking a longer time than expected and sincerely apologise for it. We are constantly following up on this and we’ll connect with you as soon as the issue is fixed.


Any update on this? This is a really long duration for an outage. It’s safe to say other financial networks do not get away with not working for these many hours.

I’m in the onboarding process but reading such posts makes me think I should just cancel and use my bank card.

Hey @Sha! The transaction issue has been resolved and we believe that you had already made transactions. For any further help, reach out to us. Once again we apologise for this hassle.