Card not working, App not working, OTP not working

Since last two days my Niyo IDFC card is not working. All transactions are failing. When I check card details in app I get a big error message which I can’t understand. Then I get an OTP which when entered shows incorrect.

In short, my account and card is totally usable. The advise I got from support was to reinstall the app which didn’t fix any issues.

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Hey Tharun! Welcome to the Niyo community. This should not have happened. We are having this checkd. We will get back to you as soon as we have an update. SR

Same thing happening with me… also my some transaction is not done and debited from my account and never refund since 1 month… costomer service are really bad…

Facing same… even my account is frozen, Going to complaint to RBI

Sure, I will also complain

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Yes @Karuna_Agrawal we have to take action…niyo have very good concept, but very unprofessional.

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I have tried to complain in rbi portal, but there is 30 days waiting period. I will complain after 30 days for penalize idfc and niyo along with cancelation of banking license.

This is a common issue faced by many users including myself. UPI doesn’t work in app nor does the debit card gets activated which effectively locks the account.

However, there’s a trick, download the idfc first bank app and use that to register for UPI, generate the debit card pin and also make fund transfers. This should do the trick. Niyo doesn’t work, but IDFC is a good bank and it works wonders.

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Not working, everything done, still account is blocked

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