Card Issuance fees on ordering the 'Visa platinum Debit card' for new customer for 1st year for 1 time

Your live chat support executive says that Equitas bank will charge Rs 234.82 at the time of ordering the card but your community post Card issue charges
says that those charges will be refunded for new customer for first time card ordering. Please clarify as your live support executive is telling me that the bank will charge us for the card even for the first time

Hey @abhi17_6! Welcome to Niyo Community!

The card request policy has been updated. For users, who are ordering the card (new card/replacement card) from the 1st of September, an issuance fee of Rs. 234.82 will be charged going forward, and from the second year, Rs.234.82 as an annual maintenance fee, and there is no more reimbursement for it. The MAB (minimum account balance) criteria have been stopped now.

To know more about it, you may check our latest post here: Important Announcement: Revised NiyoX Card Fee


What about existing customer?

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