Card got rejected

My request for a new card got rejected

Hi @Swayam_Pati ,

We are getting this checked from our end. Allow us sometime and we shall update you on the same.


In app its showing activate your card. I cant even order a new card.

Hi @Swayam_Pati

We have escalated the issue to the concerned team and we shall get back to you shortly.

We appreciate your forbearance.



Im completed my KYC through agent. He said my KYC successful complete. But, I’m not able to transfer the amount.

Activate my account pe click krke dekho

No worries, i talked to equitas bank customer care and they resolved my issue. Thanks

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This kyc is for Niyo money account not for your Equitas savings account

I’m clicked the activate account. But it’s shows activate your account. I was completed my kyc through agent he said my account successfully completed.

Hey @Murali, Looks like you have tried registering for mutual funds in some other platform in the past and your KYC was put on hold by them during that time. Since KYC is a one-time process, we generally don’t raise KYC application again. So, I would request you to reach out to the respective platform from which the KYC application was raised to clarify the issue and get the KYC application registered. Once your KYC is verified, you would be able to proceed with activation of your investment account with Niyo X as well.

Hope this helps!

Hello click on activate now so u can access your card
Thank you

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