Card delivery failed and it’s been more than a month

It’s been a month since I opened ac, they’ve dispatched card very 3rd day of ordering it and it failed delivering to my address. Since then card not delivered to me also for my girl. Support is not replying at all. Creating ticket it total no use. These guys are so pathetic in customer service.

Damnn, same thing happened to home and my girl. Card didn’t delivered where i receive multiple deliveries everyday. It’s been more than month and card status also shows retuned. Since then the status hasn’t changed at all. Tried contacting support heaps of times but no response at all and creating ticket is also no use

Waste of my time and I made a request to close my account. Do not waste time with this bank Google some other cards and you can find one

Hi @Avinashreddie, regret the inconvenience that happened. As we checked you had ordered the card on 17-Jul-2022 at 02:37 PM, it takes up to 10 to 15 working days for you to get your hands on the SBM card. If your friend’s and family members’ card has been returned means it will get delivered to their communication address within 20 to 25 days’ time. For any further assistance kindly reach out to Live chat support from the app or write to us at our team will be happy to assist you better.

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