Card declining in POS machine in Canada

My card is declining when I insert or swipe in POS machine. Even after locking and unblocking the card… Please help
Thank you

Hey @jaspals623! Regret the inconvenience. May I please know where you are trying to make the transaction. It would be great if you can help us with the merchant details and the transaction amount you are trying to transact.


I can’t make payment in any of the pos machines here in Brampton, Ontario, Canada. It says card declined. Even though I have sufficient balance on my account.

I have even tried locking/unlocking my card. Making my international transactions on/off still the problem persists! Those were just the waste of time… I am really disappointed with the services you provide!

@Deepak Why my card decline every time I use it…?

Hey @Irshad_Ali! As checked from our end, your last transaction has been declined due to an invalid pin. We’d request you to try making the transaction at any merchant by resetting the card pin.


Hey @jaspals623!

We tried connecting you on call, but the number didn’t connect. We have cross-verified that your card is working absolutely fine. The POS transactions were declined as opted by you, and for the ATM withdrawals, as you were trying to withdraw in INR, the transactions failed.

We request you to use the card to withdraw in the local currency of the country and there won’t be an issue. Also, in case you face any other issue while transacting with the card, please reach out to our 24*7 Live chat support through the app and we will be right there for you. LK