Card Charges In Niyo SBM

I Have Little Confusion Regarding Niyo SBM Debit Card…

Q1. Can I Get Only Virtual Debit Card. Because I Don’t Need Physical Card Yet ?

Q2. Niyo SBM Take Charged For Virtual Debit Card ?

Hey @dav !

  1. Once your Niyo SBM account is created successfully, a virtual card will be generated, and you’ll be able to see that in your Niyo SBM app.
  2. There are no charges for virtual card.

Q1. Niyo SBM Don’t Provide Virtual Debit Card For Lifetime Free ?

Q2. In Case I Forget To Apply Physical Debit Card Within One Year, Then What Will Be Happened ?

Hey @dav !

(1/2) Niyo Global VISA Signature ‘Virtual Card’ is free for lifetime. However, do note that you cannot use this card for airport lounge access and for POS and ATM transactions.

(2/2) You can go ahead and apply for a Niyo Global VISA Signature ‘Tap & Pay’ debit card whenever needed.

Hi @ashrithjain
I don’t get it. The Rs. 499 per year (from second year onwards) fees is for physical Niyo Global Visa card?

Hi @jinga_lala,

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Yes! that’s right.

the virtual card of niyo sbm is free for lifetime your first question ans moving on to the next question you have to maintain a balance of inr 5000 to order a physical debit card and the annual physical debit card charges is INR 499.

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the INR 499 is from second year and the first year debit card is free of cost.

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