Can't withdraw money from atm machine

I had received physical card but in app its still showing card will be delivered on or before 24 August, also I cant do any transaction with my niyo global card, ie withdrawing money, pin chnage, Balance check.

Hey @Pratham833 ! Welcome to Niyo community. This shouldn’t have happened! Let me guide you with the troubleshooting steps here:

  1. Open your Niyo SBM app and headover to card settings.
  2. Swipe right to lock the card, further, left to unlock the card.
  3. Go to ‘Other Locks’.
  4. Lock all the five card locks seperately and unlock them seperately.

Note: Make sure that all the card locks are in ‘green’ colour.

Post this, you should be able to make any transaction using your physical card!

P.S: Don’t forget to set an ATM Pin.

If you do need further help, feel free to reach out again!


I did all those steps still not working

Hey @Pratham833 ! Sorry for the delayed response. We’re aware of the issue and are currently fixing it as we speak. You’ll be among the first to be notified once the issue is fixed. Appreciate your patience.


Fine, but I have my flight next month, I want solution as soon as possible