Cant Update personal Details from our end & Niyo's end

So I have a few neobank accounts
I started with Niyo IDFC one and Niyo X with Equitas SFB and I of course had Finin before I opened Niyo SBM account
Finin also has SBM Bank as their provider so my details were already with SBM (Aadhar, PAN and even mobile number) but when I opened my Niyo SBM I used another mobikle number & I had great difficulty setting up UPI because SBM bank had already linked my account with the other number ending with 424 instead of 235 that I used for creating Niyo SBM

Now I cant update my mobile number myself on the Niyo SBM app and I was infomred via chat support that even you guys cant. That just sucks. I mean I got my number updated with SBM but now the number registered with Niyo cant be updated.

How is this even not though of?

Hey @rojajimmy! Welcome to Niyo Community!

We wish we could’ve helped you here. :slightly_frowning_face: Currently, we cannot update the mobile number for the Niyo SBM account. Our team is working to facilitate this option. However, this will be taking some more time.

Regret the inconvenience. :worried:

Do we have any update on this yet? any timeline?