Cant place order for forex card

I have transferred 5000 in the qccount but cant place order for forex card since yesterday.
Error is coming again and again

Hey @Udhav_Joshi ! Welcome to Niyo Community. We’re happy to have you onboard :airplane:
We understand that you’re unable to place a request for the debit card due to technical error. Request you to kindly try again later, if you’re still not able to place an order, kindly reach out to our in-app support and we’ll pick it from there :sunglasses:

Good Day,

Order has been placed.
Thank You


Hey bro can you plz tell how this problem solv?? Am also facing the same problem in ordering the card

I just tried it again and the order placed itself.

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Bro but I tried for many times…same error showing

Bro check your Instagram

Hi @Harsh_Kumar_Singh ,

Could you please raise this issue to our support team? You can reach out to them from Niyo SBM App > Menu > Support as there are chances you may get instant resolutions over there without waiting for a response on community.


Hey @Bansari I received my forex card today but no visa pasport cover is there how I can get it

Hi @Harsh_Kumar_Singh

The passport cover was for early users :confused: Hard luck


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