Can't change mobile number

I can’t change mobile number (as per customer care of niyox) even after changing it with equitas using video verification.

“As of now, we can’t update your registered mobile number. The feature will be live soon, you’ll be notified.”

What is the purpose of using such a bank account (which is fully online) when for each transaction the OTP goes to some other mobile number.

Also, the forum mentions that it’s totally possible with a step by step guide to do so

Hello Fellow Niyo Community member , First You will have to change your number in Equitas small finance Bank and then Niyo could update the same for you , Just tell them, that you updated your number in the bank records then they could proceed further.

Sachin ツ

I had a long chat with customer executive. I told him that I have completed the video kyc with equitas bank for Mobile number updation. Kindly, change it here also. Then I received the above reply.

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