Can't Add Pan Number, Says to Type Pan Number correctly Even When it's correct

When I try To add my Pan Number it asks me to type it correctly but the number I typed is correct. What should I do?

Hey @Jeetesh_Dash! Welcome to Niyo Community!

This sounds unusual. We’d like to have a closer look into this. Would you mind inboxing us your registered mobile number? You may also write to us at from your registered email or reach out to our Live Chat Support through the app.


Sure thing I’ll mail With My contact number.

You can message here too .
Touch on his name and send a message.

Unfortunately, we can’t open your account digitally. You’ll have to visit your nearest Equitas Small Finance Bank branch for doing this…
Now That I added my Pan and aadhar I’ve got this. Should I still Mail ?

Hey @Jeetesh_Dash! We are sorry about it. It looks like you haven’t met the digital onboarding criteria set by the bank due to which we couldn’t onboard you for NiyoX. If you wish to open an account in Equitas Small Finance Bank, you may have to visit any nearest branch.


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