Can't able to login to Niyo App

I installed the niyo app yesterday on my iphone in Canada and was able to set up the passcode using my India number. However, app doesn’t allow me to login with the set passcode saying “oops. Unable to process your request at this moment. Please try again later”

Can someone please help me? What is going on here.

Hey Gurdeep! Welcome to the Niyo Community! Apologies for the hassle. We’d like to know what went wrong and would require the error screenshot & registered mobile number so that we can get this fixed. Please inbox us on the community forum with the requested information. LK

My number is 9717772017.
Please see screenshot below

@Niyo_Mod - Do you have any update to share?

Hey Gurdeep! We couldn’t find your account details associated with the shared phone number. Please note that in order for you to access the app, you will need to register and create an account with us first. LK

@Niyo_Mod - I’m surprised.

I had installed the App, used my phone number 9717772017, got the OTP, entered my basic profile info and created the passcode. But it doesn’t let me login.

When I delete the app and install it again - It successfully bind the app with my phone through OTP. Thereafter it directly takes me to passcode screen upon entering my phone number. If my account does not exist , then why app do not show the account set up screen upon entering my number?

There is something wrong. I’m not sure what.

Its been a terrible experience so far.

Exactly same problem . I created new account today and since then I am keep getting the error @gurdeep posted above . Surprised you are not seeing in the telemetry

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Hi @gurdeep ! We have checked your case with our tech team. Can you please try now proceeding with the app password for onboarding? Let me know here if you come across any issue post that.

@prathamnawal No luck. I changed my passcode - no luck.

I even re-installed the App, bound it again with my device device and still no luck.

I am wondering what advance tech stack you guys are using that I am struggling to even on-board.

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The onboarding experience is really bad. One error after the other. Things just don’t work. I’m also stuck at the onboarding stage.

Hey Siddharth! Welcome to the Niyo Community! The issue should be resolved now. We request you to try once more and please update us if you face any other issue. LK

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