Cannot withdraw money from ATM


Few days back i went out for some official work, having the only Niyo ATM card with me, assuming i will withdraw money from ATM. But to a surprise, i was not able to withdraw money from any ATM. I was stuck badly, and it cause very high inconvenience for me.
Heavy rains, no money in pocket, auto driver was giving me a look as if i am a fraud.
Really disappointed.
I am in a verse of closing this account


Hey @Swapnil90! This shouldn’t have happened. We are sorry about that. It might be due to some connectivity issues. We strongly believe that the card works for ATM withdrawals. It would be great if you can load some funds and retry. If the issue still persists, please reach out to our live chat support and we are happy to help you.


Thanks for your advice. Just for your information there were around 3000 INR in my account. It’s a common sense, that if i am withdrawing money, i should keep funds.
Rather than suggesting me, please have a word with Technical team and understand the concern and please let me know.
I don’t want to be in a mess again

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Is the problem fixed?

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