Cannot register on niyo global

I’ve been trying to register on niyo global since 2 weeks. At the time my dob in aadhar/pan were different from passport. So while entering passport file number it was not going through.
So I updated my dob as per passport in aadhar and then updated pan as well. Even now I’m getting error that expired or incorrect file number.

Last time the customer service told me the issues were with the date of birth and phone number (refer screenshot attached). So I updated my phone number in aadhar and made it the same one I used for niyo. And as I said earlier date of birth also updated. I sent message to customer care if all issues are sorted and should I enter file number again. Sent message yesterday and got reply today that reinstall niyo app and try again, it should go through. I did as per that but still gets same error. I have only 2 attempts remaining to enter passport number now. Please help me create the account. Chat with customer care is useless as they reply after hours and for the message i sent yesterday I got reply today afternoon.

Hey @farsin_fars! Welcome to Niyo Community!

Firstly, we sincerely regret the inconvenience. It looks like our system couldn’t fetch the updated details due to which we are unable to onboard you for Niyo Global and we sincerely apologise for it. Feedback has been shared with our team on this and they may bring an alternate for it in the future. In the meantime, you may try NiyoX as an alternative.


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Is there a way to solve it?

Hi, i was told by the customer care to correct the date of birth in aadhar and pan, then try again. As per that I corrected both but still I cannot register. What shall I do now?

Hi, can you look into my issue and tell me what causes the issue still? I’ve corrected all 3 issues pointed out by the customer service.
Corrected date of birth in aadhar
Corrected date of birth in PAN
Changed my phone number with aadhar to the number I used to register Niyo

This is my second post here regarding this. 2 weeks ago I tried to register on niyo global but it was not accepting passport file number. Upon contacting cc by chat, they told me date of birth in ckyc do not match with passport date of birth. So I should update date of birth in aadhar and pan and try again after that. I did both and before again entering passport file number I again asked cc by chat if all issues are sorted out and shall I enter file number again because I had only 3 tries left. Cc responded after a day that delete niyo app, reinstall and try again. Did that but it won’t accept passport file number and I wasted one more try. I again sent message to cc, they called after few hours but I couldn’t attend at that time. But they sent message in chat asking to send passport, aadhar and pan photos. On 7th june i sent them and I’m yet to get reply for that. The chat window says currently replying in 3 minutes, 4minutes etc. But no reply even after 3 days.

Meanwhile I posted the issue here 2 days ago but got a response that sorry, we cannot onboard you, you may try niyox. I registered in niyo app and here with different mail IDs. There is no way he could’ve looked into my case to give such a reply.

Is there any way someone could tell me what’s wrong now so that I can solve it? I meet the basic criteria that I should have pan,aadhar, and passport issued in india. So any issues with account creation can be solved by correcting any mismatch in documents. All I need is niyo team to tell me what’s wrong.

Hey @farsin_fars! We understand your concern. The issue has been highlighted to our team for further investigation. Kindly note, that it may take a few days to receive an update on the issue you have been facing. If there is a possibility to onboard you for Niyo Global by SBM, we’ll definitely help you with it.


Thank you. Looking forward to a response from niyo team.