Cannot close my account. What is original copy of document?

Hi, I am trying to close my Niyo SBM account for the past 14 days. I am experiencing worst kind of customer support.
At the start I was asked to send the copy of my PAN or Aadhar, which I did. In response I got that this copy is not sufficient and send the “original copy”. I repied so many time asking what they mean by original copy (because the self attested copy which I sent worked with all other banks) and I am getting response in some pre-written script asking to send “original copy”.
So asking here as nobody in the customer support can answer this…what they mean by original copy of document?


Hey @manishk1

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Not to worry, we recommend you send the scanned copy of your Aadhaar or PAN card to, our team will check the needful and update you on the proceedings.

Ranjith M

Hey @manishk1! Sorry for the confusion. We see that you’ve shared a xerox scanned copy of your PAN card. We are sorry to inform you that the bank may not accept it. Therefore, we kindly request you to share the scanned copy (coloured one) and our team will help you further.