Cannot close account

I have been attempting to close my Niyo account since the past few weeks.
I have attempted to follow the instructions in the article linked below:

However, I do not recall getting a user ID or password for my Equitas account.
I have tried recovering them using my phone number, and the customer ID sent via SMS to my phone number, but I get a popup saying that I am not registered for online banking.

I have also sent an email to the Niyo support, my ticket number is 1375256.
I still haven’t gotten a response except for the initial acknowledgement with my ticket number, it is currently impossible to close my account.

I have struggled a lot while attempting to close my account, please close my Niyo account as there is nothing else I can do except go to consumer court as ALL of my communications have been ignored.

Hello @razer155! First, you must register yourself as a new user to log in to the Equitas Internet Banking Portal: EquitasConsumerApp . Please follow the below steps:
Click on ‘New User Registration’ > Click on ‘User Details’ > Enter the ‘Customer ID’ > Enter your ‘Registered mobile number’ > Enter your ‘Date of Birth’ & ‘Registered email ID’ > Choose your ‘Security question’ > Enter the OTP sent to your registered mobile number > Set your preferred password and click on ‘Submit’. That’s it! You now have your Equitas Internet Banking ready to use! Once registration is completed then you may follow the above instructions and close the NiyoX account. -WB

This seemed to have worked!
But I have been waiting for an officer to join the video call since the past 20 minutes.
Will try again tomorrow and update if everything goes smoothly.

@razer155 Sure! Feel free to reach out to us. We’re here to help.

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