Can you do anything with app? if Card is taking forever or you drop Niyo and go for other solutions?

I have a travel on June 16th morning and there is no sign of progress towards the card starting its path to delivery, applied few days back.

I was keen using the card for spending and for lounge access, is there anything we can do with the app at all or its all useless now? Lounge International? Spendings?

While onboarding on Niyo was like knife on butter, exceeded expectations. I just did it in June 2022. It’s difficult to find the Toll Free Number and when you get it just tells 2 email addresses and hangs up.
The chat doesn’t help either and gives no response.

I have a travel on June 16th and i see i cant get Niyo in time or even a discussion with a human being

Hey @shaileshm! Your card request has been placed on 07-Jun-2022. Usually, it takes up to 7-15 days to get the card delivered. We kindly request you to wait until then. Once the card is dispatched, you’ll be able to track it through your Niyo SBM app. You’ll be able to access the airport lounge with your physical debit card.

Currently, we do not have a toll-free number. You should be able to connect with our chat team or you can write to us at from your registered email.


Well given the swift onboarding you set yourself up for higher expectations. At least requesting the card didnt seem to be taking weeks from the messaging in the app.
And given its already 5 days since i applied some movement should have happened on tracking unless its just tracking for courier.
Anyways, i underatand you wont be able to deliver before my travel and I need to go the Thomas Cooks of the world. thanks anways. Disappointing for sure, its like showing the candy and then taking it away.

It’s been several days since I applied for the card and I have travel planned on June 16th morning, There is no progress visible on-site still at the first step. And Delhivery doesn’t recognize the Shipment ID, Isn’t there a way to get the card - from an office or at the airport rather than waiting for days.

With your amazing onboarding experience with the app by taking forever to deliver the card you ruin the whole experience.

@shaileshm We sincerely apologise for this. If there is a possibility to help you, we never hesitate to do our best from our end.