Can we get visa paywave card for NiyoX?

Just recieved my NiyoX/equitas debit card, noticed it doesn’t support contactless payments. Is there any plan to roll out visa paywave cards?


Hey Anirudh! Welcome to the Niyo Community! We are already working on upgrading the debit card to contactless card and we will make it happen in the next few weeks. Stay tuned! LK


Just asking out of curiosity are you guys have any plans for launching Contactless Debit Card because already the other Niyo banks like Niyo IDFC have contactless Debit card and are you trying to launch contactless Debit cards for NiyoX also any sooner…


Hi Prapul,

We are already looking at enhancing the product. While considering all your feedbacks and reviewing it minutely we shall come up with few more features soon!

Stay tuned!

Hi All,

Niyo contactless card will be out in the month of June and you all will be able to upgrade free of cost.