Can’t get access to use niyo SBM app on iphone

I tried to install niyo sbm app on iphone but it asked me to get test flight app first but yet i am unable to get the app because I don’t have redeem code, please help

Hey @sg_sagnik! Welcome to Niyo Community :slightly_smiling_face:

Currently, Niyo Global by SBM app is in Beta version. Our team is working round the clock to enhance the app and we’ll be releasing the stable version in the near future. With regards to redeem code, we’ll get this checked with our team and you should be able to proceed with the Beta version app installation without any hassle. Inbox us your registered mobile number for further communication.

Registered Mobile Number: +917001271016

Hey @sg_sagnik! We’ve sent you a message. Request you to please check and help with the details.

Hey @sg_sagnik! We kindly request you to retry it now. You should be able to proceed with the app installation without any hassle. If the issue still persists, feel free to connect with us and we are happy to help you.


Thanks a lot for your help, its working now.

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