Can someone please expedite my Card Delivery as I will be travelling in next 3 days

Can you please expedite my card delivery as I will be travelling in 3 days from today?

@Ranjith @Bansari

@Deepak Can you please please help here!! This is still not updated… :frowning: :’( can you please help expedite this.

@Deepak - I trust that only you can get make this happen! Please!!!

Hey @mik! I’ve tried reaching out to you on your registered mobile number to get this checked. Unfortunately, the calls went unanswered. We see that your card was ordered on 19th Feb. Depending on your location it may take up to 15 days to get the card delivered to your registered address.


Hey @Deepak Sorry about that. I was in a meeting :frowning: I did call back on the same number but it couldn’t get through…can you please call again…or let me know if I can answer your question here.