Can seafarers use this card?

Good day,
I have already created a Niyo SBM account. In the end, I accepted the terms and conditions, which stated that I am a tax resident of India (not an NRI).
Now due to exams and covid I’ve been in India for 1.5 years, I already have a NRE and NRO account from other bank.
I am a seafarer, so when I join work and in around 6 months I will become an NRI. So is it possible for me to use the card? Am I eligible? Is there any other Niyo cards suitable for me?

Please reply as soon as possible or else it will be late for me to get delivery of the card.

Thank you

Hey @Vinith_Amin! Welcome to Niyo Community :slightly_smiling_face:

We highly recommend using the Niyo Global by SBM services only for the residents of India. In case, if you are turning in as NRI, we are sorry to inform you that you may have to close your account as we do not have any services for NRIs. However, we will forward this as feedback to our product team and see if we can start services for NRIs in the future.


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Thanks for your reply. I just ordered a card and will cancel it just before i become an NRI.