Can Niyo IDFC First Come Back Again With Zero Balance Maintain Account?

I Have Lost Golden Time Till August 31. Can We Expect Niyo IDFC First Come Back Again With Zero Balance Maintain Account🙏

I am Waiting :weary:

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Hey, Devinder! You will be notified if there are any future plans to get the offer back as now Niyo IDFC First Bank Savings account is a 10K MAB account

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I Am Too Much Confuse. Because Today I Saw Video Where People Say Niyo IDFC First Extend Zero Balance Account Date Till 30 September 2020.

I Am Student And Budget Traveller. So I Made Plan To Travel Sri Lanka And Maldives For First Quarter Of 2021.

This My First Debit Card Which Will Give Me Hassle-Free Travelling Experience And I Also Appreciate For All Niyo Team Who Provide World Best Debit Card For The Traveller.

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Take NiyoDCB card for travel

My Brother Have Niyo DCB Card.
But I Want Use Niyo IDFC First Debit Card.

It is just the charges which have been waived off till Sept. After sept you will be charged for non maintenance of AMB.

  1. Why Niyo Said It Extended For Selected Consumer As Well, So That Till This Month End, There Will No Be Charge ?
  2. Which Charge Have Been Waived Off Till Sept ?
  3. I Am Eligible For Open Niyo IDFC First With Zero Maintain Balance ?

Please Explain — I Am Too Confused :face_with_monocle:

  1. Charges are waived off for non maintenance of MAB. It means if you are not able to keep the minimum account balance as per the account type in September then no penalty will be levied for this month.
    2)Read the mail you have received it’s written in that.
    3)No. You are not.
    Opening a zero balance account and waiving off charge for non maintenance of MAB is two different things. There shouldn’t be any confusion.

Thanks Niyo For Clear My All Doubts.
I Hope Niyo IDFC First Account Will Come Back Again With Zero Balance Maintain Policy. (For Limited Time)

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