Can I use the Niyo IDFC bank account with Zerodha?

As Zerodha has partnered with IDFC First bank to facilitate trading account for the customers of the bank. I was wondering can I use my Niyo IDFC account for the same?

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Hi Prabhav! Let me find out the right answer and get back to you for sure. As far as I know, you can use the Niyo IDFC account for trading via Zerodha from the IDFC net banking. But let me confirm that. Sorry to keep you waiting. :confused:

Hey Prabhav, so I tried accessing Zerodha with my Niyo IDFC account through IDFC net banking and this is the screenshot of it. So it seems like it is possible your Niyo IDFC’s net banking

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Hi, thanks for confirming this. It would be really helpful. Also, does this mean that I can also access Niyo account through IDFC First net banking website/apps?

Welcome! Yes, you can access the account through IDFC website/apps too.

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Cool. Thanks :slight_smile:

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When we want to link a new account with Zerodha, we need a cheque.

If NiYo does not provide a cheque, then I do not think it would be possible.

You can request Niyo IDFC account cheque book by logging into IDFC First Mobile / Internet Banking.