Can I use the IDFC card on website that only accept credit cards?

I am planning to procure this card. I am unsure if I can use it on US websites that specify that they only accept credit cards? For example, the ETS website to book the TOEFL test needs only credit card. Will this card work there? If not, will the Niyo Global DCB bank card work here? I’ve seen it being called a “Forex” card but not sure if it qualifies as credit card.

Thanks for the help in advance.

Hey there! Welcome to the Niyo Community! Please note that the Niyo DCB Global card can indeed be used to make the payment at the ETS website. The offering gives you an added advantage of using this card as a pre-loaded credit card and hence you shouldn’t face any issue. LK

Hi, you may have me confused. My question is about the idfc first card… Do i need the dcb card to make a payment on ETS?

Hey there! Kindly note that this card is strictly a savings account and hence cannot be used as a credit card. However, with the Niyo DCB Global card, you do get that option. LK

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