Can I use AADHAAR OTP eKYC if already used with another bank?

I started the process of opening the account using the Niyo app but had to stop as I read these conditions:

1. I confirm that I am not registered under GST, I am not exempted from GST and I am not a related person to IDFC FIRST Bank under GST. If I am then I will submit the GST annexure by visiting nearest IDFC FIRST Bank branch.

2. I confirm that I have not opened an account with any other bank using Aadhaar OTP e-KYC authentication.

I’ve already used AADHAAR OTP e-KYC for opening my Kotak bank account.
I’m also registered with GST.


  1. Can I not open the IDFC First account with AADHAAR OTP eKYC now?
  2. What GST document do I need to submit?

What do I need to do to complete the account opening process?

Kindly help.

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If you haven’t converted your earlier OTP based ekyc account into biometric based ekyc account then you can’t. Otherwise you can.

Thanks @goneo my older account has been converted to Full KYC account with biometric ekyc.

Also, what GST documents do I need to furnish?
I’m registered under GST as a Sole Proprietor but wanted to open a simple saving account with IDFC First as an individual. Do I still need to furnish some GST annexures? If yes, then which ones?

No GST document required if you register as an individual.

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