Can i know what are all the charges for using Debit card

Hey can i know literally all charges while using savings account? Like using debit card or using Upi payments are there any charges for it? And when will i get interest while using savings account? Im new to banking so many doubts :sweat_smile:. But found the app to be very useful and loving it.

Hey @Kaushikmaddula!

We are glad that you’ve liked our product. :slightly_smiling_face: There are no charges to open a NiyoX savings account. It’s a 0 balance savings account. Therefore, it’s not required to maintain any minimum account balance.

Under the current promotional offer, we are waiving the annual fee for the first year free on Platinum Visa debit card for the users who complete the biometric KYC by 31st March 2022. From the second year, the charges would be Rs.150+GST. However, we are working to waive these charges based on the user’s transactions. We are yet to finalize it.

There are no additional charges for UPI payments. Below are the charges you’ll incur for ATM usage:

ATM withdrawals at metro locations (other Bank ATMs): 3 FREE per month
ATM withdrawals at non-metro locations (other Bank ATMs): 5 FREE per month
Charges beyond free limits of ATM withdrawals: ₹20 + taxes per transaction
Cash withdrawal outside India: ₹110 + taxes from 1st International ATM transaction
Balance Enquiry outside India: ₹25 + taxes from 1st International balance inquiry

In case, if you are making any international transactions (POS/Online), all your transactions will be processed based on Live Visa exchange rates.

Accrued interest will be paid out on a quarterly basis at the end of every quarter by direct credit to your NiyoX Equitas savings account. To know more about the interest rates, you may read our previous post: Change in interest rate by Equitas Bank for savings account balances from 15th November 2021

For faster resolution, you can connect with a dedicated support officer from your NiyoX app just by navigating through Menu>Support>Live Chat. We will ensure that all your queries will be addressed at the earliest.


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