Bug while creating account

I tried creating a Niyox account and completed every step until I saw a message "Account Creation pending " or something like that and a button to “Exit App”.

I clicked Exit app button. Now when i try to open niyox. Its starts all over again from my phone number, adhar then a dialogue box that i already have an equitas account (which i dont).

My customer id is 11694526

Hey @aswinbenny! Welcome to Niyo Community!

We are having this checked with our team. Kindly request you allow us some time and we’ll reach out to you with an update.


Hi @aswinbenny! I’ve tried to reach out to you on your registered number. Unfortunately, couldn’t get through. I believe that we were able to help you with the NiyoX account creation and hope you were able to access it. Also, video KYC has been enabled for you. Please keep your original PAN Card ready and proceed with the video KYC call by clicking on the “Pending Actions” tab in your NiyoX app.

For any further help, reach out to our in-app Live Chat support by going to Menu > Support options.


I did online video kyc but still my account is not kyc verified

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