Bring Back "Visa Tokyo 2020" Passport Holders for Beta Customers!

Hello Rajat,

5000 customers are huge in number and I don’t think that you started very early (something around June time frame) that you acquired 5000 customers in less than 3 months.
As already highlighted by many customers, the system is broken - some don’t get their account created, some face other issues while account opening etc etc. So, I don’t buy this 5000 customer reasoning.
Just to let you know, when Bank of Baroda started its credit card services last year in December, they also offered this passport card holder and it was for the first 1000 customers. I did not get it because I applied in January this year. 1000 customers still seems fathomable especially when you consider the reach of Bank of Baroda but 5000 does not, especially when there are handful of people who know about Niyo, forget about SBM :slight_smile:

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@shikharmakkar : some corrections; we acquired that number in 1 month. People may not know SBM but they do know Niyo Global card.
FYI, google play store shows 10k+ downloads for Niyo SBM
Yes, we do know that the app still is not up to the mark and we are working tirelessly on that. We have taken the suggestion for continuing the goodies and will update the community if we plan to include it in future

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Hello Rajat,

First of all, number of downloads is not proportional to the number of customers acquired.
Just because you are so concerned and boasting about the number of app downloads, I would also request you to go and have a look at the reviews on the SBM mobile banking app. It has 100k+ downloads and a meagre 2.2 rating averaged out of the 1k+ posted reviews. I know that some of them reviews be criticizing the app and related services but some of them would definitely be criticizing the banking infrastructure and system.
What is meant by future here? What about those unprivileged early adopters like me and others who did not receive it and are constantly pushing your team about reintroducing it?
And I asked @Bansari about the special treatment given to certain class of people, like social media influencers as one of the customers @Irshad_Ali highlighted above. Why digress from the original question asked?

Hi @sikharmakkar,
Answering your questions:

  1. Are we giving special treatment to a certain class of people: Absolutely NO!. We don’t give banking services preferential treatment to a certain class of people.
  2. Why are we not giving passport holders to new customers? : Because we had planned to give it to only the first 5k users who ordered the card on a first come first basis and we have crossed that limit.
  3. Yes app download numbers are not proportional to the numbers of customers acquired.
  4. What is meant by future here? : No timelines if we re-introduce goodies. We do have something planned but no timelines.
    I had tried to answer your query directly on what was the criterion for giving the passport holder. I am sorry, I wasn’t able to make you believe that we had crossed 5k users who ordered the card.

Previously your saying it’s only for 3000 early adopters and now you saying 5000. What kind of bull shit is that! I’m uploading screen shot of your email conversations.|230x500

Hi @Irshad_Ali ,
initially, this number was 3k, and looking at the huge response we got we increased it to 5k but we have crossed that too. However, this time we won’t be able to increase this limit.

Hi @Rajat_Prajapati

So, in a span of 3 days you increased the limit from 3k to 5k :open_mouth:
The response sent to @Irshad_Ali is dated 10th September and today is 13th. In what world does this make sense? You seem to be taking us for a ride :slight_smile:

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This conversation is 3 day old so don’t foll us . If it’s ramped up to 3k to 5k so why we don’t get it.

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Hi @Irshad_Ali , @shikharmakkar , These changes were done before 10th Sept and unfortunately it info took some time to reach our support team and they had the old info.

Irrespective, we did not select/ preferred some customers to have passport holders and others to not have them. It was purely first come first serve users with a limit. The criterion was not the beta users but first come first serve to limited users. We did not expect that we would cross this limit in beta but we did & we increased it further however we won’t be re-extending that limit.

Dude I’m ordered my card on 8 September. It’s never arrived.

You have an excuse for everything. Please let me know the account closure process. I can’t trust you people. If something happens, you may come up with another excuse for my loss so as to put the blame on the customer :joy:

This is the time when you trapped in your web of lies

I ordered my card much before 10th September, 4th September to be precise. Added 5k to it and ordered the card on the same day. How does your explanation fit in with this now? :thinking:

One of my friend ordered her card on 31st of August let passport cover she doesn’t even get her card on hand

@Rajat_Prajapati I understand everything you say . Let me give you an advice coming from a Fintech Nerd, Always tell/advertise beforehand that this (Passport Holder) is a limited quantity Run for First 3-5000 Customers . But no-where you told beforehand that there is such limit , which is why you can see such anger here . If you would’ve been transparent from the start , it would have been another experience . Hope you learn something .
Also , I humbly request you to close the account as I cant set UPI PIN because no OTP arrives in any Thirdparty UPI apps (Gpay,BHIM,WhatsappPay) and also ,All my Forex Card needs are now fulfilled by Fi Money !

Please guide us now on the account closure process. I hope there is no such restriction that a customer has to be in the first 5k customers to close the account :joy:
Seems like @Rajat_Prajapati may not be able to respond now. Tagging you to help us with the same.

@zantapabada : I get your point, feedback taken. We wanted it to be a surprise for the user. On our first post in the community dating July 23 announcing the beta program, we didn’t even mention the passport holder in the welcome kit.

We did not market the passport holder and hence didn’t announce the limit. With passport holders post on the community & their friend receiving it, it wasn’t a surprise anymore but an expectation.
Feedback noted though
It is sad to see you close the account, I would suggest you try updating your app and try again with the OTP. If you still don’t want to continue, drop a mail to the customer service team, they will help you with your request.

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Drop a mail to customer service for account closure. They shall help you with it

@Rajat_Prajapati Do you have any ETA for the New method for Kyc for Niyo Sbm? Because I am not able to create my account through ckyc mode, I don’t know why this error occurs even when I have full ckyc entry and customer support is unable to help me proceed further for the account opening as I ask them for help and they reply same text again and again. See I know Niyo Customer support isn’t like this but still I am astonished by the Service that Niyo Sbm provides and the Customer support from other Niyo Products is the
complete Opposite of the service that Niyo Sbm provides. I hope you improve the Customer support in Niyo sbm in the Upcoming months as I know Niyo won’t Disappoint me :slight_smile: .


Say something about this @Rajat_Prajapati