Biometric KYC Not Completed

Hi, I opened Niyo IDFC Account in September 2020. But I was unable to complete ky Biometric KYC Verification. Can you Arrange Biometric KYC Verification via EcomExpress at PIN Code: 177203. I’m currently here. Please check if EcomExpress is Serviceable at PIN Code: 177203. I’m unable to use my Niyo IDFC account as of now since it has been frozen.

Matlab account 5 month me v operational nhi hua, tab to mera ek hi week hua h abhi

Hey Vishal! Please note that the Biometrics can only be completed at the Communication address updated in our system. For you, we see the updated PIN says 177219. We have raised a request for the team to check and confirm if it can be arranged. We will update you once we have received a confirmation. LK

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Hey @Lucky there is no option in the App to change communication address. I am at a place currently where EcomExpress is Servicable i.e. PIN Code 177203. At my communication address i.e. 177219, there is no EcomExpress avalible. Please arrange KYC here in 177203 or else I’ve to visit delhi i.e. approx 500km from my home in order to get the KYC done. Please see if you can arrange my KYC at the address other than communication address. Niyo IDFC Account is a Great account and I don’t want to loose it just because I didn’t do KYC. Thanks

Surprisingly, it started working again yet KYC hasn’t been done yet :_;

Hey there! Its great to know that you are able to use your account. Kindly note that we have already registered your request for completing the Biometrics with the team and you should be contacted first hand as soon as the team is able to reach you on your updated location. LK

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