Beware! Niyo reads clipboard without user's permission

In the upcoming feature on iOS14 - iOS will notify users whenever any app reads user’s clipboard.
Recently I signed up for iOS14-Beta and noticed that Niyo reads my clipboard on app launch even if there are no input fields.

Any one of you noticed the same?

Read more here -

Here’s a gifRPReplay-Final1595253230

Hey Shubham! Welcome to Niyo community.

We regret the muddle on your side. Rest assured, we are working towards the fix and will notify you through the app with an update. Please bear with us! ∞VS

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Hi Subham, I am a product lead at Niyo. Sorry about this and thanks for bringing it to our notice. It could be due to some third party library that we are using. We will look into and make sure that this and any other such cases are removed or require user’s permission explicitly. Rest assured, we are committed to our users’ privacy and security. Will update you once this is fixed. Please feel free to share any other feedback that you may have. Thanks!

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