Benefit of hindsight - A story for you all 🌟

Hello all,

If there’s one thing I could hit a ‘Ctrl + Z’ on, in my life it would certainly be starting my saving pot early in life. In hindsight, it seems like such a logical thing to do but life seldom gives you the benefit of hindsight.

Like most young people, my 20’s were all about spending and finding ways to spend. The whole concept of making money work for you so that you won’t have to work for money dawned upon me a little late and how I wish to turn back the clock on that one. The seeming complexity of investment making throws a lot of lazy folks like me off and we end up procrastinating for years.

Now, when I do a simple comparison of the impact that 5/10years delay has had, it throws up staggering numbers. Here is a sample of some numbers I exchanged with my co-founder and close buddy @Viren

You see the difference? That’s the power of early investing.

We have today launched a product that makes it easier to avoid the mistake of delayed investing & enjoy the full power of compounding without doing too much effort.

Invest the change in NiyoX is our effort to get you hooked to investing early in life while doing what you enjoy the most - spend :slight_smile:. We simply round off your spend and put the change amount into mutual funds of your choice. So effectively, every time you spend, you also invest.

Getting started is simple - open your NiyoX App, tap on “Invest The Change” and just Turn It ON. The next time you transact using your NiyoX card for shopping, food, travel, OTT, we will invest the spare change from your expenses. Also, It’s commitment-free and you can turn it off whenever you want.

Try it out and see the difference.


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