#BankingFrauds > Beware of ATM Frauds!⚠️

Let me start this one by saying < ISSUED IN PUBLIC INTEREST >

Debit Card and Credit Card usage have grown over the years and network providers like Visa and MasterCard have rapidly expanded the ATM Card industry, making it easy for anyone with a card to withdraw money, anytime. With big growth comes big problems. Make sure you don’t fall prey to such ATM frauds by following the below steps:

a) Whenever you are in an ATM vestibule, make sure to first check if there is any ATM Skimming Device installed on the place where you input your card. You can test it by pulling the Skimming Device, in case there’s a fake one, the device will automatically detach itself from the ATM. Make sure you contact your local police station or dial 100 on your phone to inform authorities about the device immediately.

b) While entering your ATM Passcode, try to find out if there’s a camera attached above the Numpad on the machine. Also, try to cover the Numpad with the other hand while entering the passcode, to be on the safer side.

c) Make sure that all the buttons of the Numpad are in working condition before you enter your passcode, if not, inform the local police station or dial 100 on your phone and inform them.

d) To make it even safer and secure, you may temporarily lock your card in the NiyoX mobile app under the Debit card section whenever you’re not using a debit card. Explore the card locks section and tell us what you think!

Bcoz of that nearly all banks have started cardless withdrawal. I think equitas bank should also add this feature.


Cardless withdrawals are only available in ATMs for which in you should have a bank account like Kotak Bank account is necessary for withdrawal of cardless in a Kotak ATM but if you have Kotak Bank account and if you try to withdrawal cashless in ICICI ATM you won’t be able to do it you should have an ICICI bank account…

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