Avoid debit card annual charges

If we block debit card of niyo sbm bank still we have to pay 499+gst every year?
Plz tell me ways to avoid these charges.

Hey @Swayam_Pati ! The debit card fees are applicable only if you use the card until you surrender the card.

It means If i block the card permanently i dont have to pay annual charges.

Yes @Swayam_Pati If you block the card you don’t have to pay the charges. But hey! its anyway free for first year :slight_smile:


Is there a debit card fee wavier on usage of certain amount?


@Ashwath_M : we do have it in plans. Watch out for the space!

Hefty annual charges levied on the card that comes with minimal benefits. There should be some waiver options. It’s a no for me!! Also I didn’t got the visa pouch along with the kit.

Hi @Syaoneee_Biswas ,

The passport holder was for early users.


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