Automatically Account link with my other phone number and email id

So yesterday I open niyo global account using my neelbisw***** email id and 70446***** phone number .
But all transaction sms and email received My others ph number and email ID .
How Automatically my other email and phone number link with account ,how it’s happened??

ticket number is 1307015

Hey @Itsneel! Welcome to Niyo Community and thanks for choosing Niyo!

We see that you have opened an account with us using the above details i.e neelbisw***** email id and 70446*****. You should be able to access your Niyo SBM app using the same mobile number and we believe that you are able to view the same details in your Niyo SBM app.

We’ve checked your ticket 1307015, and noticed that a different email and mobile number are shown when you’ve logged in to internet banking. You may not able to log in to the Niyo SBM app using the mobile number ending with XXXXXXX236.

It looks like you had a past relationship with SBM Bank where you had registered with a different email id and the mobile number (as you’ve seen in the net banking) due to which you are viewing them. If you wish to update them to neelbisw***** and 70446*****, you have to fill in the below form and send that to the bank support at sharing your Customer ID (which you can view in your Niyo SBM app) along with your self-attested PAN copy and the SBM support team will do the needful.
Email Mobile Letter_Individual.pdf (52.3 KB)


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Hey, thanks for helping I submitted document, let’s see how many days to take . :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: