ATM withdrawal query in USA


I am a Niyo IDFC card user. I had question about ATM withdrawal in USA.

  1. What should I select while doing a ATM withdrawal in USA, regarding the account type
    a. Credit
    b. Checking
    c. Saving
    So that I don’t pay extra fee.

  2. Please highlight, what all things I should keep in mind while transacting a ATM withdrawal in USA.

  3. Do you have a prefferred bank that takes minimum charges?


Hey Bhaskar! For Niyo IDFC FIRST savings account, all international ATM withdrawals will be free of charges. You will only be charged ATM access fee, which vary from ATM to ATM and is not dependent on the amount withdrawn. It is levied by the bank to which the ATM belongs. We do not have the list of banks and the charges they levy on ATM usage. Also, please select ‘Savings’ while making withdrawals and the limits will be as per you set in the app. SR

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