Atm withdrawal problem facing

Hey i want to try withdraw from the first day when i got Niyo global sbm ATM.i P.O.S. tranctions is done but when i try to withdraw tranctions decline.

When i complaint by email then they suggest me that try to other ATM like HDFC or ICICI and AXIS.
I try these atm also.But same problem is going my atm withdrawal is also on in the card settings.
So again file this complaint but no one revert me.
Say anyone what to do now.

@drchandan something else i would suggest is checking card limits and make sure it’s not zero for atm withdrawals, card swipe and online transactions.

If that doesn’t work then raise a request from within the app. There is a live chat feature.



To activate your card for ATM you’ve to lock and unlock your card once your receive it after which you can check it all other card settings are green then you should be able to withdraw via any major Bank ATM

Hope this helps

Everything is okay.IN card setting everything is green.and also card limit is set already 5000.
but nothing is done.

@drchandan if these solutions don’t work…worry not raise a ticket and someone will mail you on your registered email

I have already raise complaint with screen shot.
But my problems is not solved yet