ATM withdrawal limit

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iyo global card yearly limit 7.5 lakh complete . how can I changed or increase card limit

Hey @Amir_Quraishi! If the limit has been reached, we cannot increase it. You may have to use other modes of transaction like IMPS/NEFT mode for fund transfer. And use PoS/Ecom mode for payments.


My previous visa card cross limit of 7.5 lakh yearly . Can I order new visa signature card . New card will renewal?

Hey @Amir_Quraishi! We are sorry to inform you that you cannot have multiple Niyo Global by SBM accounts. If the maximum transaction limits are reached, you have to wait until the next year for the limit renewal.


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I have been withdraw this amount in case from ATM .from 1 January 2022 to 18 June 2022 ( nearly 500000) . Now I am unable yo withdraw money from ATM please check it . Solve my issue. This is my customer I’d

Hey @Amir_Quraishi! Allow us to get this cross-checked from our team and get back to you with the final update. LK