ATM withdrawal and POS use of NIYO SMB card not working

I have the Niyo SBM card and since receiving it last month, I have tried multiple times to use it at ATMs and POS locations and each time it has failed. I contacted the support team about this.
Ticket No - 1004933. They suggested I lock and unlock the card and try. I have tried every possible solution they suggested but still no luck. Finally, they told me that some cards were facing this issue and they would be replacing and sending me a new one. It has been over 2 weeks since the last mail. They haven’t provided me with any updates or sent me a new card. I was actually excited about getting a Niyo SBM card but now I am doubting my choice.

Hey @Kowshik_Srivatsan ! Welcome to Niyo community. We’re happy to have you onboard :airplane:. We’re sorry you had to face this issue. We’re aware of this issue and are constantly working towards a fix. We’re frequently in touch with the partner bank (SBM Bank (India) Ltd.) and VISA. We’ll instantly notify you with an update for the same


I’m facings same problem niyo by sbm team is not responding me the just tell me to lock n unlock all transaction types i do after that it’s not working yet
I’m departing at 19sep please help me or send me new card
Contact me at

Hi @Ikraj_Khan @Kowshik_Srivatsan ,

we completely understand your concerns and as promised you would be sent replacement cards. Having said that we request you to kindly bare with us as the product is in beta phase and you might face some hiccups.
We suggest our users to carry a backup for there international travel in this case.


In Ukraine, the swipe feature worked at first yesterday but today it stopped working at various POS so have been using the Contactless Payment feature (which i was avoiding).
Is there an issue with the card or the visa-bank link in this case, the latter right?

Hey @Sindhi ! Please allow us some time to get it checked for you.

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