ATM/POS Visa Card not working issue resolved, Thank you!

Hello folks,

I enrolled for Niyo SBM for International usage just like you all did. But the card they sent me was not working at all. I contacted customer support raised tickets, but nothing worked. I was talking to Niyo’s customer support team through emails. Lastly, They told me they are going to send a new card, I was like okay, it may or may not work. The card was delivered to me in 3-4 days, I reset the limits in the SBM app, closed all of the card features like POS, Online transactions and re-enabled them. And boom, the new card started working, so I would suggest you contact the customer care team, if the card isn’t working they will send you a newer one, and It worked for me. So that’s it guys I am travelling in 1 week, so I am happy now I don’t need to go for expensive forex cards. Be patient and communicate your issue with the customer support team, they are for us and they genuinely want to help us.

Thank you Niyo Team,
You guys are awesome! :slight_smile:

Hey @haritpatwa ! We’re always happy to resolve the issues. Once again, we’re sorry you had to experience that hiccup.

Bon voyage :airplane:

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