ATM card not received

Hello I’m Selvamani
I opened an online account at Equitas small finance Bank and My account No is 100031514639 and KYC Biometric is Verified But to date the ATM card has not been delivered on communication Address. Please check My ATM card status

Hey @Selvamanisathya! Welcome to Niyo Community!

We see that your card is in transit and you may receive it shortly. The tracking ID for your shipment is 21017300169632 and you can track it from here:


My shipment tracked but my debit card is return to booking center

I’m contact to the maruti courier office at Chennai He says my debit card is return send to Equitas Small Finance Chennai.

Mera debit card Abhi Tak pahunche Nahin Mujhe Mila hi nahin Abhi Tak

Mujhe ATM card milgya
Mene Bludart ke office me
Jakar kalect kiya
Mene Bludart ke office se le liya
Mujhe ATM card milgya

My debit card is return to bank

Hey @Selvamanisathya! The card will be returned to the origin if failed to deliver that to you by the courier partner. But not to worry, the bank will make a second attempt in delivering that to you and we request you to collect it without a miss.

Hey @B_S_Pal! Welcome to Niyo Community!

As checked the tracking details, the shipments showing as delivered. If you haven’t received it yet, please do not worry, we’ll get this investigated with our courier partner and try to help you at the earliest.


ATM card not received

Sir kab tak ajaeyga card

Hey @Vijay_Maurya! Usually, it takes up to 15 days to get the card delivered once the request is placed.

You can track your card delivery status on your NiyoX mobile app. Additionally, you will be receiving the AWB number/Order tracking ID along with Courier Partner name via SMS from Equitas Small Finance Bank. You can track your card with the AWB number/Order tracking ID by following the below steps:

  1. Go to the specified Courier Partner website
  2. Paste in your AWB number/Order tracking ID
  3. Click the button to track
  4. View your card status!

If you have any additional questions, you can call the Courier Partner helpline by choosing ‘Call Us’ on their website."

If the delivery timeline has exceeded, we kindly request you to inbox us your registered mobile number or reach out to our in-app Live Chat support by going to Menu > Support in the NiyoX app.


My atm card is not dispatch, my atm card is going return . i want it it’s very important for me, when it will be dispatched or what should I do

Hey @8805136558! Regret the inconvenience. On your behalf, we’ve escalated this matter to the bank and are following up on a priority basis. Rest assured, the card will be delivered to you at the earliest.


Way may acount blocked

Hey @8805136558! Upon investigation, the bank has confirmed that your card was returned to the origin due to an incomplete communication address. Therefore, we kindly request you to update your communication address and then request card delivery.

To update communication address, you may check our previous post: I want to change address - #4 by Sachin


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Hey @B_S_Pal! Thanks for your time over the call and for confirming that you have received your NiyoX debit card. For further assistance, reach out to our in-app Live Chat Support by going to Menu > Support and we are happy to help you.


@Deepak I didn’t receive any tracking no yet

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