App sign in fingerprint authentication

In app fingerprint sing in authentication does not work properly. It leaves responding after 2-3 times of login to app and we have to use our passcode to sing in the app to both section either Niyo DCB account or Niyo IDFC account.

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Hey Himanshu,

Thank you for your active participation in the community.

Point taken :+1: . We shall communicate the same to our product team.

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When I open Niyo (Green) app, it asks me to select product - “DCB Bank” or “IDFC First”… and when I select the product, instead of asking me for fingerprint, it asks me for Pin.

This is a bug I think.

Hi @sudheerbabu, We will look into it and get back to you if there’s an actual bug and when we have resolved it for all.

I have both Niyo DCB forex card and Niyo IDFC First Savings account . This happens with me too . When I set a fingerprint for any of the account, it stops working for the other account and asks for pin only . And if I login with the pin for the account without fingerprint, the first one for which I had set the fingerprint also starts asking for a pin .


Steps to reproduce the issue.

  1. Login to Niyo IDFC, enable fingerprint. Login to IDFC will now work with fingerprint.
  2. Login to Niyo Global card, and enable fingerprint, this will enable Fingerprint login for Global Card.
  3. Now Login to Niyo IDFC does not support fingerprint, and it required pin (even though the fingerprint option is enabled).