App is failing me in the Basic Activation Itself! Very disappointing 😢

I was very excited when I finally got the option for activation of my card after a long wait. But now that when I try to fetch the details of Debit Card for verification, there’s some problem with OTP verfication. Even though i’m getting OTP messages without fail, the application isn’t accepting it.

“OTP verification failed
Your device is playing hard-to-get
I recommend we try again”

Can’t express how frustrating and disappointing it is to face this, just at the beginning!

Ps: I read another thread regarding the same and it was mentioned that the issue was fixed in latest update. Well my app is up-to date but i still have the same problem.

Facing exactly the same issue. I have raised the issue over whatsapp with Niyo. Waiting for the resolution. Will keep you posted.

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Ok. Thanks! :thinking:

Hey Rahul! We completely understand your concern. Have you tried updating the app to the latest version? If no, please try & contact us through Whatsapp by tapping the icon in the app & so that we can assist you further.

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Yes . I’m on the latest version of the app. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled quite a few times too by now . But still nothing …

@Niyo_Moderator Hi I’m also facing exactly same error. Please rectify ASAP.

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i also face same issue tomorrow but today it’s working fine so try now because it is fixed now.

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I just tried. No it isn’t working. Some of us are still facing the problem.

i suggest you to reinstall app and try it.

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@Kk007 already tried, many times. Yet nothing…

@Niyo_Moderator I’m on latest version of app. Tried now also. Still not working

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@Alan_Abraham I don’t think it’s getting fixed until they push another update brother. :man_facepalming:

@rahulphariharan I just spoke with customer care executive and they asked me to wait upto 48 hours, as their technical team is fixing it.

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Ok. thanks for the update.

Facing the same issue.
@alan_abraham thanks for the update.

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@punit11 You are welcome! If you find issues are cleared, do update us as well.

@Alan_Abraham it just worked now in the way it is supposed to. I finally activated my card.


Yup. It finally worked as it was supposed to in the first place I hope it’s a smooth ride from here on.:thinking::thinking:

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Hello Guys,

Card activation & UPI activation is working now.

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Finally it’s working! Was able to set up the card and upi

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